Because of the growing (international) crowds traveling to the shop in Rotterdam and the consistent long waiting lines, the guys were forced to move to a bigger location across the street.

The guys didn’t want to say goodbye to the old Schorem, the place where their dreams first came true. Because of this, the idea for ‘The Old School’ was born; a small, independent barber academy (school) where the barbers of Schorem would share the combined 70 years worth of knowledge and experience that Leen & Bertus gained. The Old School Barber Academy was born.

The profession of barbering is one of the oldest in the world. The devil’s in the detail: it is a true craft, and can take a lifetime to master.

At The Old School Barber Academy, Schorem will teach, motivate and inspire fellow barbers (beginners and advanced) & aficionados with the goal of taking men’s hairdressing right back to the high level where it belongs with our barbering courses.