• Do you offer other courses then displayed on the website?
    • We have a small school, so all courses that we offer are on our website.


  • Are there more dates being added?
    • Dates will be added in time. Just check the website regularly! There will no dates be added before the last date on the website.


  • Can I be on the waiting list when someone cancels?
    • Sorry, we don't work with waiting lists, we will always put cancelled spots back on the website.


  • Can I reserve a spot on a course and pay later?
    • Sorry, the only way to reserve a spot on our short course is by paying it in full on the website.


  • Can I pay the 20- or 40-week Course in terms?
    • Yes, the following countries (Germany, Austria & Finland) can pay in terms by using the 'KLARNA' payment method when completing the order on the website. More countries will follow, please check https://www.klarna.com/international/ for more information.  Don't forget to order the basic toolkit when you want one, this is the only possibility!


  • I have a problem with ordering a course online, what can I do?
    • It can always happen that you can't order your course, please send an email to mac@schorembarbier.nl and info@theoldschoolbarberacademy.com. Please let us know the problem is as specific as possible and don't forget to CC (copy)! First take a look if this is one of the problems you can fix yourself 😉


  • Can I get a translator via your school?
    • You're more than welcome to bring your own translator, besides this we also have a few offers on our website. You need to contact them yourself, they have nothing to do with our school and thus is not included in the fee of the course.


  • How about hotels?
    • We offer a few hotels with discounts on our website, which you don't have to do. You also have to arrange your accommodation yourself and thus is not included in the fee of the course.


  • Can I get a Student Visa for your school?
    • Sorry, it's different for each country and therefor there isn't a single answer to this question. Please inform at your embassy, after purchasing a course we are able to send you a letter of invitation, for which we will need:
      • Full name + Address
      • Hotel info in Rotterdam
      • Copy of your passport

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