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The Old School Alumni Success Story;
Sick Puppy Barber Parlour

A while ago a delegation of Rotterdamn Scumbags hit the road to visit some barbering friends. In Enschede Mr. White and Zoë own their shop Sick Puppy Barber Parlour, of course filled with Hollands Finest a.k.a. Reuzel! They are both proud alumni of The Old School Barber Academy; Zoë finished a 40-week basic course because she wanted to […]

The Old School presents its own book:
ROACH. You’ll devour it with skin and hair.

For years, men from all corners of the world have been coming to Schorem Hair Cutter and Barber for one of the 12 Signature Haircuts and a jar of Reuzel pomade. And now there is also a book: ROACH. It’s everything that makes Robert-Jan Rietveld and Jelle Mollema’s heart beat faster. Beautiful hair, photography, styling […]