Time flies when you’re having fun, it’s Reuzel’s 10th anniversary and The Old School Barber Academy opened its doors close to 10 years ago.

We decided to celebrate this by sponsoring 20-week basic courses at The Old School in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Are you in?!?
Be quick as there are just a few spots!

The 20-week basic Schorem foundation course covers the fundamentals to build a lifelong career in barbering.

You will be in class every Thursday and Friday from 9:45 till around 16:00.

If you are dedicated to present yourself and complete the full course you might be chosen to enter the Schorem basic course starting Thursday 5th of September, 2024.

Please fill out your information in the form below and include a video (max. 60 seconds) explaining WHY YOU should be the lucky one of starting the course, admission free!

Deliver your application before 01-08-2024!

Note well: your application must include a video, without a video it will not be considered!