Reuzel’s Tattoo Advanced Treatment

Keep your body illustrations in mint condition or bring them back to life with our Tattoo Advanced Treatment. Buff is the first step of Reuzel’s TAT skin care routine.

Your tattoo isn’t fading, it’s hiding. For ongoing tattoo care and maintenance, Buff Exfoliating Wash reveals details and colors by removing dead and dry skin. Buff Exfoliating Wash is milder than your standard off-the-shelf exfoliator, so it won’t lighten or damage your tattoo. You get healthier skin while keeping your tattoo’s colors and details looking as vibrant as the day you got it.

If you just used BUFF or have some healing ink, your skin is screaming for some moisture. TAT’s HYDRABALM is your go-to.

The balm in this tin will come to the rescue. Made with shea butter and papaya which work together to condition your canvas. If your skin is dry or needs to calm down it’ll soak right in to hydrate it. This tattoo aftercare-brightening balm protects the crisp edges from stretching or blurring.

You’ve made it to our final step(s) of our Tattoo Advanced Treatment; it’s time for your ink to shine!

To keep your tattoos vibrant longer, massage on a little VIVID GEL often. It’ll keep your skin moisturized, your lines sharp and make your colors pop. Your healed body art is protected and can shine for the rest of the day.

[BONUS STEP] SHINE is the best tattoo brightener for making an impression wherever you are. Your ink will dazzle its spectators after you rub this on your healed body art. Tattoos pop with our tattoo color enhancer and long-term care products. It gives your skin a high-shine, will dry quick and won’t leave a greasy layer on your body.