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Water-Soluble Pomade vs. Oil-Based Pomade

Pomade is a classic hairstyling product that’s been around for almost two centuries. Traditional oil-based pomade was the bear fat-filled stuff that kept 19th-century men’s hair sleek enough to see your reflection in. However, the modern versions of traditional pomades have afforded the modern man far more options when it comes to the reflective nature […]


REUZEL marks their 10th anniversary next year! The Old School Barber Academy celebrates this first decade of Hollands Finest Pomade by giving away some spots for their 20-week basic course in Rotterdam, starting September 5th, 2024. So, are you an aspiring barber dying to attend this well renown barbering course just across the street of […]

How to Use Reuzel Shave Butter

WHAT IS REUZEL SHAVE BUTTER? You don’t need to be a professional barber to give yourself a pro-looking shave. Whether you are clean-shaven or use a razor for cheek and neck touch-ups, shaving butter can be an excellent addition to your shave and beard care routine. REUZEL Shave Butter is a translucent gel, so everything […]