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How to Use Reuzel Shave Butter

WHAT IS REUZEL SHAVE BUTTER? You don’t need to be a professional barber to give yourself a pro-looking shave. Whether you are clean-shaven or use a razor for cheek and neck touch-ups, shaving butter can be an excellent addition to your shave and beard care routine. REUZEL Shave Butter is a translucent gel, so everything […]

Our 5-day course; the best addition to your barbering career

Utilize your education on the spot during our 5-day course at our Rotterdam Barber Academy. You will not only grow while you are “in class,” your training during our program will turn into a lifelong asset for your career. It’s always cool to capture the moments when the students apply the knowledge they gained during […]

SCHOREM MASTER PINK FLAMINGO Ⅱ by The Butcher and Mizutani

Have you heard about this bird? The Pink Flamingo is back! After the fastest selling limited Mizutani Scissors ever in 2019 they received so many requests by barbers and hairdressers from all over the globe. So they decided to relaunch The Pink Flamingo by The Bloody Butcher once again! And of course with the return […]

A studio chat with Karrie and Rob about Reuzel

Our (more than) charming Reuzel Head of Education, the lovely Miss Karrie Fonte, was over to Rotterdamn for our annual Scumbassador training at The Old School Barber Academy and she found some time to have a little chat with yours truly -Rob- about the infamous REUZEL brand… I might be one of the founders, Karrie […]

ScumBash 5 – The Recap

We’ve saved the best for last. A month ago the guys at Schorem organized a kickass party named ScumBash, here’s an awesome after-movie about The Fifth Day of Pure Goddamn Rock’n’Roll! Were you there? Let your friends know what they’ve missed, they got to make sure they’re at the next party we throw!

Fresh Courses at The Old School
in 2023

You all know we love to teach you everything there is to know about barbering at The Old School in Rotterdam, that’s what we’re here for! We wanted to kick off this year with some new, fresh courses for beginners and advanced hairdressers, -stylists and barbers. We will learn you how to cut that well […]


Tough, tougher, toughest: with the addition of the last seven explosive acts, the 5th edition of the Rotterdam festival ScumBash is complete. Also, Peter Pan Speedrock (NL), Born From Pain (NL), Discipline (NL), Cenobites (Rotterdam), Mindwar (BE), Skroetbalg (NL) and The Shivvies (Rotterdam) will come to shake things up in the awesome RDM Onderzeeboodloods on […]