The Reuzel Clean & Fresh line just became a bit bigger!

We actually wanted this to drop on April first but this is no joke guys…

Reuzel’s Clean & Fresh beard collection just became a bit bigger! We all know you love our Clean & Fresh products which make your beard feel cleaner than a Schorem straight razor shave. So without further ado; here are our Clean & Fresh family members: Beard Foam, – Balm and Shave Butter. Our latest Beard Foam and – Balm have the same beard caring features as their OG and Wood & Spice editions but with a Clean & Fresh fragrance of orange peel, eucalyptus and mint.

Tame those rough beards and bristles and leave them with a Clean & Fresh fragrance thanks to our latest edition of Reuzel’s Beard Foam. A leave-in beard conditioner that absorbs quickly, helping to reduce itch and beardruff. It softens coarse hair while knocking out any funky smell. Reuzel Beard Foam instantly makes your beard appear fuller and keeps it moisturized. If you love our other scents you should definitely give this new light fragranced variation with orange peel, eucalyptus and a hint of mint.

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One of your favorite Reuzel beard care products just got extra Clean & Fresh. Its Beard Balm contains Shea Butter and Argan Oil to instantly make your beard appear thicker and keep it moisturized throughout the day. Next to the Original and Wood & Spice scents you can now serve your face rug with a Clean & Fresh fragranced Beard Balm. It has a classic light smell of orange peel, eucalyptus with a hint of mint.

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NEW Reuzel® Clean & Fresh Shave Butter is a conditioning and super slick formula that will contribute to a super close and knick-free shave with any blade. Shave Butter also has that light zesty smell with a hint of mint and eucalyptus. Ideal for full shaves, especially when you had a beard for a long time, thanks to its moisturizing abilities. Also perfect to line-up your beard with any kind of razor or to use for a second shave after you did a first with Reuzel Shave Cream.

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